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Chiang Rai International Christian School Volleyball Game Spike Ball

Written by Athletics Director, Corinne Hortman

Pulling on the red and white jersey, lacing up well-worn shoes, heading out the locker room door for yet another chance to prove your stuff. Hearing your name being announced, feeling that anxious butterfly in the pit of your stomach, seeing your teammates giddy with excitement…it’s infectious.
This is what we’ve practiced for; this is what we’ve drilled for. This is what pushing our limits, honing our skills, amounts to.

Chiang Rai International Christian School volleyball team




Today’s the day that all that hard work is for. And we’re ready…





Chiang Rai International Christian School Volleyball Game Guys Block NetThis is my fourth year coaching volleyball at CRICS, and finally the team is a team. At first, just learning the basics of the game and assessing the level of individual skill was a mountain to conquer. But as they return year after year, that mountain has become the foothill of their summit, playing as one. Their skills have been drilled, they know where they are on the court, and they know how pull together and work as one team. This is an accomplishment that far exceeded my expectations. Each player has learned that to win they have to put aside their own agenda and do whatever it takes to put the team first. They rely on one another to get the job done. When they don the red and white jersey they are The Flyers.

This doesn’t end with the last point; they have taken this “Flyer” mentality beyond the court. Student athletes from both Middle School and High School teams interact together in the classroom and just hanging out around school. The team has gelled, and the lessons they learned on the court play out in everyday life.


Chiang Rai International Christian School Girls Volleyball Team


Chiang Rai International Christian School 4 on 4 Volleyball Tournament


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