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Well, school starts in FIVE days and there are boxes everywhere!

That’s how our day started today… but it didn’t stay that way long.

The new elementary building is finished and teacher’s are moving into their rooms. After months of watching and waiting, the building is in beautiful, usable order. Yes, there are still a few projects that need to be completed, but as of yesterday, August 21, the rooms have electricity. Today air conditioners were installed! Of course they weren’t running yet, but sweating buckets while unpacking will make us appreciate the cool air all the more tormorrow…or the day after that.

Elsewhere in the school, adjustments and prep work were no less hurried than in the new building. About 2/3 of all the classrooms have been shifted as we expand into the new building. Moving to a new room means funiture used last year may not work in the new space. Substitutions have to be found or created. Also, a few other classrooms have doubled as makeshift storage rooms this summer, holding all the furniture and books for the new building. The teachers of these rooms have waited all summer to be able to unpack boxes and arrange furniture as well.

Today has been like a puzzle game: “Does anyone have a spare shelf about three feet high?” “Can anyone use a filing cabinet that I don’t need anymore?” “Has anyone seen the air conditioner remote from my classroom?” “I’m missing a stack a Bibles.” “Could a couple of strong people move this cabinet for me?” It has been a lesson cooperation, and I am proud to say that the staff and faculty at CRICS have been shining examples of sharing and getting along.

By the time the last teacher clocked out today, most boxes were empty and shelves were full. Things are looking great around here! Now we just need some students to fill these desks.

2013 Chiang Rai International Christian School Aranging School Entry

Getting the entry ready.

2013 Chiang Rai International Christian School Welcome Sign

Welcome Back to School!

2013 Chiang Rai International Christian School 5th grade teacher prepping room

Transforming the bookshelf with bamboo.


2013 Chiang Rai International Christian School dusting posters

Wiping away the storage dust.

2013 Chiang Rai International Christian School Teacher prep time

Preliminary Paperwork

2013 Chiang Rai International Christian School prepping the 3rd grade room

Clearing away the clutter.

2013 Chiang Rai International Christian School View of New Building

Our New Building




Chiang Rai International Christian School 2013 Roofing walkway to new building

Roofing the walkway to the new building.


2013 Chiang Rai Internatioanl Christian School prepping 2nd grad room

Making decisions in 2nd grade.

2013 Chaing Rai International Christian School Kindergarten room

Lots of space in the new Kindergarten room.


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