PSAT/Hume Lake Weekend

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The weekend of October 18, 2013 was very busy for most CRICS students. Below are insights and higlights from two CRICS students.


“PSAT/NMSQT in Chiang Mai”

Written by B. Pennington (CRICS student)

“You have 25 minutes to work on this section. Do not go to any other section. Your time starts now.” On Saturday, October 19, eighteen students from CRICS went to GIS in Chiang Mai to take the PSAT/NMSQT.

Mostly sophomores and juniors took the PSAT test, which stands for Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, but there were also two freshmen who tested. The mood of the test-takers is, to put it simply, mixed. Some feel they performed averagely, while others are convinced there is still room for improvement. Mrs. Jane Langdon, the guidance counselor at CRICS, was in charge of the administration of the PSAT/NMSQT.

Afterwards, the test-takers enjoyed a hard earned rest at Hume Lake Camp, which started that afternoon.


Elohim’s Golden Blessing: Hume Lake Camp

Written by M. Yang (CRICS student)

You pale-cheeked and homework-tormented teenager, breathe again. After this quarter of Egyptian opression, Elohim has heard your cry. He is here to whisk you into His arms and kiss you with the golden blessing of Hume Lake.

Organized by a staff from the U.S. in their early twenties, held every two years in Thailand, Hume Lake is a 4-day camp that beckons teenagers onto a journey with God. Students from Christ-founded international schools, such as CMIS, GIS, and CRICS, stampede over each other to receive this kiss from Elohim. Not only has He given us all a week of relief, He has also lavished us with the presence of great warriors in His kingdom invasion – both male and female counselors.

Activities of the camp include Morning Chapel, Recreation, and Night Chapel. Morning Chapel consists of nerve-wrecking games and random prizes. During Recreation, eight teams are divided among the campers. Intense activities such as kajabee, three-legged trip, and balloon-donut soccer blast manna-loads of enthusiasm from every teenager. And, in Night Chapel, we shriek for the platinum opportunity to hear the story of Moses!

There is no question. I Am has poured the perfume of His love over the heads of every Hume Lake teenager this week, along with relief and knowledge.

From this trip the echoes of Get Real resonated at every pulse of my existence. Get Real. We pull out the mask of “piousness” everyday out there. Out there in society. Yes, everyone thinks you an amazing carrier of God’s message. Every time you are onstage, people are all ears, because excitement leaks from your mouth like wine from a barrel. You are HOLY before your audience. Indeed you are.

Since you have pleased God all day, does it matter what you do just a little bit of in the corner? Does it really make a difference if you gossip one more time about him/her? People think you are an amazing Christian. Will that be affected if you just tell one more lie, throw one more insult, or hate one more person?

Get real, my dear fellows. We are not here to worship ourselves. You are here for a purpose. That purpose is to make His kingdom invasion so contagious that all of humanity is saved. Every second of you life counts. Getting real is not about following the Ten Commandments. Getting real means living for our beloved Elohim.

Every choice you make matters. Your life makes up an irreplaceable portion of God’s story. Forsake the passivity! Even when you look like a fool, stand up as a patriot for His kingdom! We live not to be worshipped. We live to conquer kingdoms for Him! With this revelation sewn in the depths of your soul, you have fastened on the Armor of God. Thus, you rise up as an Alexander the Great on Elohim’s battlefield. Thus, you, King Leonidas of Sparta, cut down that Xerzes of a Satan with everything you have. Thus, with the ambition of God scorching through your heart, you conquer the hearts of friends, Christians, countrymen! Every time you are onstage you leave a trail of burning hearts and redeemed tears behind you. You are a warrior awaiting His command.

So, go get them, tiger.

“But the seed on the good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop.” – Luke 8:15


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