Thanks for your interest in Chiang Rai International Christian School of Northern Thailand. We are thrilled that you have taken the time to click on our web site to learn more about CRICS. While you are welcome to peruse our web site and learn more of our Family Learning Community, we would prefer to have you drop by our campus to take a tour and experience how all of us, students and teachers, are growing and learning together.

Years ago as a high school ESL teacher in Texas, I had the opportunity to work with immigrants from various cultures. God developed in our family a joy for working with diverse peoples and challenged us to use our education and experience to impact the world with the love of Jesus Christ. My wife Julie and I presently enjoy the daily challenge of leading this growing international school in Northern Thailand, where international children of Christian missionaries and service workers learn side-by-side with Thai children from the region. Watching children of various religious backgrounds find strength in Christ is a regular occurrence at our school.

For families of prospective students…

Take some time to look through the learning opportunities available at CRICS (Click here to see what it is like to study at CRICS). You will likely recognize the opportunity CRICS offers for high academics combined with small classrooms centered on the kindness and genuine love of Christ in a beautiful international “melting-pot” environment.

For prospective teachers…

Take some time to understand the stories of the lives impacted by our growing school (Click here to watch a video). You will quickly see and hear testimonies of Christ’s love and service to our community that will inspire you to become a servant to Chiang Rai and all of Thailand as a result.

Thanks for stopping by! We greatly appreciate your interest and prayers for our school and our community.


May the peace of Christ be with you,

Brent Pennington, CRICS Superintendent

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