At CRICS, students in Kindergarten through 6th grade are considered to be in elementary. It is a joy for us to help your child develop a love for learning during these formative years.

CRICS curriculum is based on a Christian model of instruction which strives for academic excellence and integration across the subject areas. A Christian model of instruction focuses on both subject-area content as well as the processes involved in learning and assimilating new knowledge. In each course we seek to integrate the Christian worldview as students explore God’s world. Additionally, all of our elementary students participate in a Bible class 4 days per week.

The kindergarten classroom is a literature-rich environment in which each student is learning to interact with the written word. Through a centers-based structure, students will read on their own, write fiction and non-fiction stories and learn basic phonics through the Easy-For-Me reading program by Child First. The Singapore math curriculum is used as a basic structure as students use hands-on materials to explore math concepts. In science the students discover and explore the following topics: five senses, living/non living things, dinosaurs, magnets, force and motion, bubbles, dental hygiene and insects.. In social studies, students learn about their families and classmates while beginning to distinguish the past from the present using a literature rich approach to social studies. Our kindergarten classroom is a lively room of colors, sounds, guided learning, and creative projects.

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