For current CRICS seniors needing documents for college, please talk to the college counselor and complete the document request form below for transcripts.

For CRICS alumni needing a transcript for outside of Thailand, please request your transcript through ACSI. There is a $20 fee.

For everyone else, transcripts, diplomas, reference letters and other documents may be requested. Please note the fees for documents and the postage fees.

You may contact the college counselor at [email protected], registrar at [email protected], or talk to Lynchee in the front office if you have any questions.

Please complete the document request form by clicking on the button below. After you submit the form please pay the fee to the accounting office. Allow one week for us to process your request. You can pick up the document from the accounting office.

Fees for Document Requests

  1. Reference Letter for any purpose - 20 THB
  2. Transcript for CRICS Graduate - 100 THB
  3. Transcript for current student - 30 THB (first copy is free)
  4. Transcript for CRICS senior - Free
  5. Diploma for CRICS student - 100 THB
  6. Diploma for FLC Graduate - 300 THB
  7. Copy of Thai Police background check - 20 THB
  8. Other documents - 20 THB


If documents need to be mailed to you then an additional fee will be added that covers the cost of postage.

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