By Thai law, non-Thai students must be on an Education Visa (Type ED through CRICS) or on a visa that “follows” their parent’s visa (Type O). Students may not be enrolled at CRICS while on a tourist visa.

For students who get an ED visa through CRICS there is a Student Visa Assistance fee of 2000 baht per student per school year. Parents are responsible for all visa application costs.

Parents of those on a Student Visa may request paperwork to apply for a Guardian Visa. Please inform yourself of the rules by the Thai government that are requirements for obtaining a Guardian Visa.

By Thai law the Guardian Visa allows a parent to live in Thailand for the purpose of caring for their children. It is against the law for a parent on a Guardian Visa to work or volunteer. CRICS will not request a Guardian Visa on behalf of a parent who is working for another organization. Additionally, there must be 500,000 baht in a Thai bank account for 2 months before the Guardian Visa can be renewed the first time (it must be in the name of each parent who is a Guardian). There must be 500,000 baht in a Thai bank account three months before the Guardian visa is renewed the second year. One parent can “follow” one child.

The CRICS fee for a Guardian visa is 3000 baht per parent per school year. The family is responsible for all visa application costs.

After a non-Thai student is accepted to attend CRICS you'll be asked to complete the visa information form.

If you have any questions concerning visas, please contact the CRICS visa administrator: [email protected].

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