Blood Donation Drive: Senior Project

“I went to Chiang Rai Hospital with my volunteers to assist the nurses in a Blood Donation drive. My volunteers and I worked on getting the word out for people to come donate blood at the hospital on January 27. On the day of the blood drive we spent the day at the blood donation center helping donors with paperwork and getting them through the process. In the end, there were over 50 donors that day. My donors and I were able to help the Chiang Rai Hospital while also learning a lot about the importance of donating blood to help save lives.” — Nathaniel, Gr 12

Akha Youth Development Center: Senior Project

“My project was to go to the Akha Youth Development Center and have a one-day simple skills and English camp. I understand the pain of growing up as an orphan and it is harder when you’re going through teenagehood. While growing up living alone in various cultures, I’ve learned many lessons through my mistakes and experiences. Therefore I wanted the share with them something that will aid them if they apply it. I also wanted to let them express themselves and have fun. The best part is that my volunteers and I also got to exchange and learn something from them too.” — Marisa, Gr. 12

Community Healthcare Service: Senior Project

“My project is about reaching out to illiterate stateless tribal immigrants from Myanmar that have settled in Ta-Pho village (about 2:30 hours away from Chiang Rai) . My Community Healthcare Service project provided basic medical needs and knowledge. The basic health check-up includes weight and height,blood pressures, blood sugar and respiratory check-up. Most of the people in the village do not have Thai citizenship so it is difficult for them to get health care. I also provided home based medicine boxes to each family in the village. The love which God has given to me inspires me to give back. Since I have lived a life full of great blessings and love from others and from God, I want to share my blessings from God with those that are in need.” — Gaylada, Gr 12


Teaching Budgeting at the Chiang Rai Juvenile Detention Center

“I worked with the Chiang Rai Juvenile Detention Center to teach the kids about budgeting through games. The kids in the center got to interact and play games as a fun activity and also learn new knowledge that will be profitable in the future. The project benefited everyone who attended and brought smiles and laughter to the teenagers as well as much needed variety to their everyday lives. I decided to work with the Chiang Rai Juvenile Detention Center because I want to improve people’s perceptions and attitudes of juveniles in these facilities and to underline that they are just teenagers like everybody else.” — Ariela, Gr. 12

Play Day: Senior Project

“For my senior project, I had a morning camp for kids in the surrounding community at CRICS. The goal of the project was to reach out to children within the community & enable them to be themselves for some time just doing crafts,playing games, face painting, and other fun activities.The project involved 11 stations and I was able to have 39 kids attend my project. The project turned out well because I was able to see all the cute faces and the smiles on the kids faces.” — Foon, Gr 12

Blessing a Preschool: Senior Project

“I took half of the 8th grade class to a Lahu village about one and a half hours from CRICS. Pii Lynchee’s mother in law runs a preschool for kids in need in that village. For a day, we worked on adding concrete to the school’s entrance steps, setting tiles, and planting flowers. My goal was to give back to Pii Lynchee’s family who has given so much to CRICS as well as to bless some younger kids’ lives. I was inspired to support those who are helping with the education of children in need.” — Jadon, Gr 12

Appreciating Nature: Senior Project

“I went to Baan Jambon School which is around 40 minutes drive from CRICS to plant mango trees and make a small garden. Having trees and a small garden can help the students appreciate the nature around them. Growing mango trees also benefited the school by providing shade and also fruits for teachers and students. This project impacted me because nature is a great thing that we all need around us, and by providing this for the school, it made me feel joyful.” — Ing-Ing, Gr 12

Brighten Up the School: Senior Project

“For my senior project, I went down to JamBom school primary school to brighten up the school’s environment. When visiting the school for the first time, one of the main things that I noticed while entering the school grounds was the dullness of the main entrance. My goal for this project was to brighten up the school’s environment by repainting the long main entrance wall. This project was important to me because a student’s learning and playing environment does truly affect how a student views school, whether it be consciously or subconsciously.” — Jenny, Gr 12

Charee’ty Run: Senior Project

“For my senior project, I held a Charee’ty (Charity) Run at Chiang Rai International Christian School. Since I enjoy running and exercising, I landed on this idea because I wished to combine a joy of mine with an event that would benefit other people. I originally planned on donating the money to the Chiang Rai Prachanukroh Hospital in order to help fund the purchase of medical supplies. However, recently in March there was an outbreak of the coronavirus and hospitals were in need of significant support in order to defeat the global pandemic. Under these circumstances, I decided to contribute to the coronavirus relief funds for the hospital instead.”  — Mink, Gr. 12

Painting a preschool in a Lahu village: Senior Project

“For my senior project, I repainted a small preschool in a Lahu village. My project assisted the preschool teacher by repairing the preschool building. I had ten 8th grade volunteers along with a couple of adult volunteers helping me with first painting the entire preschool with a base coat then with a top coat. The goal of my project was to improve the learning environment of the preschoolers in the village. This project was important to me because I value education and personally it is very important to me to have a good learning environment in order for me to focus and learn well.” — Annika, Gr 12

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