Children’s Day: Senior Project

“I went up to the village of Wiang Sa, where I along with eleven CRICS volunteers interacted with the children. We created a wonderful environment for the children: playing football, watching movies, face painting, a coloring station. We ended the day with a fun game of tug of war between the children of the village and the volunteers from CRICS. My goal for the project was to bring Children’s Day up into the mountains, instead of having the children come down to experience the joyful holiday. This project was important to me, because growing up I really enjoyed all the fun activities of Children’s Day and I really wanted other people to be able to experience such a wonderful day.” –Naomi, Grade 12

Aquaponics: Senior Project

“I went to Charities Within Reach Foundation to build an aquaponics system, an alternative way to do plantations. Foundations often lack funding and most of the money goes to the children’s education. Therefore, I attempted to find a way to help out the foundation with science and technology. My goal was to provide the children with a convenient and unique way they could grow food for themselves. This project is important to me because I believe that there are ways science could be useful even in an environment that has disadvantage.”–Nina, Gr. 12

Self-defense: Senior Project

“I organized a one-day, four-hour self-defense lesson for women over the age of 14. Because the CRICS community is known for its safety and encouragement, I wanted to spread that to those outside the community while strengthening a very practical and physical aspect of safety. I also wanted to introduce women to the wonderful abilities hidden within their own bodies. The women who participated in my project not only became more aware and equipped for possible danger, but also more confident and empowered about their bodies and abilities.” –Priscilla, Grade 12

Creative Learning Tool: Senior Project

“I went to Tesaban 1 Elementary school, also known as the purple school, down the road from CRICS. I connected with the teachers and staff there and they encouraged me to plan and paint a creative learning tool on their sidewalks, providing their students with opportunities to connect learning with fun! Having fun while learning always helps me learn and remember better, so I’m glad I could provide a resource to young students and help them.”–Sirita, Grade 12

Building and Enhancing Learning Skills: Senior Project

“For the past 7 years at CRICS, I have been struggling with learning in English. The struggles in learning are real, yet I realized more how important education is. Thus, I desire to use this opportunity to bless the community. My senior project was Building and Enhancing Learning Skills. My goal was to provide new skills to improve the students’ dexterity and concentration skills and for the students to learn new skills and bring them into practice, also be able to provide the school with sanitary items, learning supplies, and snacks for the students. My team and I raised funds and purchased donation supplies for Chiangraipanyanukul School. Sadly, due to the COVID 19 restrictions, my team and I were unable to perform any activities with other students. However, we were able to donate all the supplies we purchased.”–Wee, Grade 12


Serving the Thaweepon Church community: Senior Project

“I went to the Thaweepon Church Sunday School building to help renovate its facilities. Along with the CRICS Middle School and several adult volunteers, we painted the front of the two-story building and three rooms. We also provided additional materials to pave the kitchen wall and continue future painting projects. My goal for this project was to serve the families of the Thaweepon Church community by creating a more functional and welcoming Sunday School building environment. I wanted to provide labor and materials for a lovely, hard-working church community that lacked financial resources to complete this project.”–Jonas, Grade 12

Art Therapy Camp–Senior Project

“I went to the Akha Outreach Foundation to host an art therapy camp. I wanted the orphans to find a way to deal with stress by expressing themselves and their creativity through art. My project impacted the orphans by allowing them to find a refuge in art and seek to find peace in art. We painted murals, made tye dye shirts, and painted masks. I saw an opportunity to host an art camp that would assist students in finding a way to express themselves and a way to have an outlet from traumatic experiences by expressing themselves through art.” –Nadia, Gr. 12

Room Makeover–Senior Project

“For my senior project, I did a two-day room makeover project at Baan Shalom. My goal for this project was to create a safe place, where the children can play and study with each other. Together with my team, we were able to create this room and to bless the children of Baan Shalom with this new play and study room. This project was important to me because I think that it is important for every child to have a place where they can feel safe and connect with others.” –Mari Jane, Gr. 12

Planting Trees–Senior Project

“My volunteers and I went out to Nam Bor Kaew located in Ban Hua Fhai village, Bandu district, and planted different kinds of trees to support the ongoing reforestation project. As the world’s global temperature is increasing every year, I personally thought that we could contribute to helping the community by planting more trees which would reduce the greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, in the air. This project was important to me because nature is a big part of what I love about this world, and without nature, I don’t think the world can be a safe and beneficial environment for future generations to grow up in.” –Peter, Gr. 12

The Chance Foundation–Senior Project

“For my senior project, my volunteers and I assisted The Chance Foundation (in partnership with Worldwide Veterinary Service and Animal People Alliance) in an animal sterilization event at Baan Namlad School. A total of 287 dogs and cats were sterilized at this event. I enjoyed being a part of this step toward the goal of reducing the number of strays uncared for in the future, and providing a cleaner and safer environment to the communities of Chiang Rai.” –Fen Mai, Gr. 12

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