JV Team Rises Up

“Tied 18-18 in a varsity versus junior varsity basketball match to 21, the pressure was on. Most were surprised the varsity had not already blown the JV out of the water. The varsity checked the ball with the JV point guard.. Automatically, the JV team pressures the varsity, here was the chance to prove ourselves. A pass to the wing, my side of the court, I broke down into a defensive stance. As the guard attempted to dribble around I would not give up. Reaching to the left I forced him right. Then a fake and I speared the ball from his possession. Sprinting to save the ball from out of bounds, I reached for it just in time. While the tired varsity played lazy defense, I drove and then made a no-look pass out to my team-mate. He pulled up and shoots a three! The JV won! The proud moment of any basketball team’s “career” is beating the odds and proving doubters wrong. People watching doubted we could win, but the community and parents watching, cheered for us. Our community loves when the underdog wins. Shocked at what just happened, the fans stood clapping but dazed. The coaches, proud of our performance congratulated us. After this scrimmage, many from the CRICS community joined together to play more basketball, no grudges from the defeated varsity team. The strength of love throughout the whole CRICS community, this is something I have never seen anywhere else.” – Liam, 11th grader

Rise Up

I’m a junior. I’m a basketball player. I’m a volleyball player. But of all things, I am not a soccer player. However, this year I decided to join the soccer team – just for fun. Many of my friends were already on the team, and joining provided a reason to go to Chiang Mai and play a game with friends. Now our soccer team is, in fact, quite good. As a new member of the team, I doubted that I would experience much playing time in the games. But I accepted the challenge of becoming a member of the soccer team in hopes of finding enjoyment in the journey.

But there I stood on the field, eyeing the ball soon after the coach subbed me in during the second-half. And it was the last game of the season. The ball flew towards me, flying from my teammates hands from a throw-in, bouncing off my head at the peak of my jump, falling into the back of the net. I had scored! Running to my teammates for chest-bumps and slaps on the back, I felt like the hero of a world cup match. Really, I was simply enjoying the comradery of a high-school soccer team. This memory would last me a lifetime. From this experience of joining my high-school soccer team, I learned that there is no reason to not rise up, take the challenge, and try to make every moment a memorable one.” – Jadon, 11th grade

Proud to be Part of this Team

The day I joined CRICS, I joined CRICS girls’ soccer. Each year, the JV/Varsity soccer team competes in a tournament in Chiang Mai. Some year’s results were disappointing, some were fine, but most importantly, we had fun! The results each year were getting better and better. This year as tradition dictates, we traveled to Chiang Mai for the tournament. We all thought we would be in the top 3. But the outcome was unexpected, we lost everything. That time was an emotional time for all of us. Surprisingly, after the tournament in Chiang Mai, the school announced another tournament to be held at our school.This would be the first for our school. Hosting a soccer tournament brought excitement and hope for a better result. On the first day of the tournament, we won both games and qualified shockingly for the finals. But then on the second day many unbelievable things happened. I was in awe watching my teammate score 5 goals in one game. The final was stressful for me. One of our teammates was missing so I was subbing in her place. The result was a tie, so we proceeded with penalty kicks. Our team was able to shoot in every goal. That made us the winner. Unbelievable! CRICS girls received their first ever trophy. I’m honored and proud to be a part of this team. The girls soccer team and this special tournament are some of the best memories I have at CRICS.” – Ing-Ing, 11th grade student

Go For Your Goals

“Who can describe the joy of putting the soccer ball into the back of the net? Anyone who plays sports understands this feeling of scoring and winning.
CRICS held its first ever 7-a side soccer tournament on the last weekend of October, the 26th and 27th. The tournament was a success for the girl’s team, because they were able to bring home the first place trophy. However, that was not the case for the boys team.
Day one of the tournament, we tied 1-1 with Domrong in the first game, then lost 2-0 to Akha Light in the second game. Day two of the tournament was much better. Our only game was against CRIS.
In this game I scored two goals. The first one, I maneuvered myself in between and around the defenders, then with my left foot, I smacked the ball straight in to the back of the net. The second goal I scored was due to a misunderstanding between the CRIS players. They did not communicate well and did not pass the ball accurately. As a result, I stole the ball, dribbled it passed the goal keeper and scored. The final score was 9-1.
I will never forget the joy and happiness I experienced with my team. Although scoring and winning is exhilarating and intense, set a goal, aim high, and go after it.” – Foon, 11th Grade

Dress-Up Days at CRICS

“Favorite CRICS memories always take place on dress-up days. Individual personality never fails to shine through during these rare occasions to wear costumes to school. Thinking back to Dr. Seuss day and Valentine’s day, fills my soul with warmth and joy. A couple of my friends and I purchased Thing One, Thing Two, and Thing Three shirts printed. We wore our matching flame socks and showed up to school on Valentine’s day looking fresh. By the time Dr. Seuss day rolled around, there was no question as to what we must do. We threw on our Thing One, Thing Two, and Thing Three shirts  and added a few more friends to the mix. Once again, we stole the show. Dress-up days at CRICS remain my favorite days of the year as the opportunity to get together, plan an outfit, and have fun embracing each others personalities brings a smile to everyone’s face. Dr. Seuss day and Valentine’s day bring friend groups closer and allows the entire community a chance to come together stronger than ever before.” – Jane, 12th Grade Student

Blood Drive: Senior Project

“CRICS’s annual blood drive started 2 years ago as a way to provide blood to the Red Cross Society who will distribute the blood to the local hospitals. Our school was swiftly accepted as a potential donor group when the first blood drive was arranged due to our ratio of foreigners who can give blood for any case that requires a foreign blood. The 3rd annual blood was not as successful as the previous two years, however, we still received a decent amount of blood to donate to the community of Chiang Rai.” – Puk, 12th Grade

Serving children: Senior Project

“My project took place at an orphanage called the Akha Light Foundation, which is an orphanage that my dad started and takes care of. The goal of my project was to teach English to the orphans and try to bond with them so that we could make an impact on their lives and share the love of God with the kids.  We taught conversational English, played ice breaker games, ate lunch together and also played volleyball, soccer and basketball. At the end of the day, the kids and the volunteers said they enjoyed the day.” – Gabriel, CRICS Senior

Sharing Joy and Books: Senior Project

“I wanted to do something that brought people joy for my Senior Project, so I partnered with the ministry of a CRICS family to impact the pediatric ward of a local hospital. I had four student volunteers and five adult volunteers. Before showing up to the hospital, I organized a book drive where we collected more than 250 books for the children to read long after the project had concluded. I also built and painted a bookshelf for the nurses in the pediatric ward to have a place to keep the books. We arrived at the hospital on March 18, ready to read to the kids and color with them as well. The sick children really enjoyed our visit and the coloring books that they got to keep. After spending a few hours with the kids we said goodbye to the very pleased nurses. However, this was not the final visit; part of my project was establishing a relationship with the hospital so the local ministry can return frequently with more books and activities for the children.” – Gideon, CRICS Senior

School Can Be Fun!

Let’s face it, not many people like school. Okay, I’m sure there’s that one kid who’s like, “I love school. School is my life.” But other than that, most people would disagree. Keep that in mind as I take you to CRICS.
Students of CRICS would agree that homework or sitting in classes all day isn’t how they might choose to spend their time. They would argue, however, that their school isn’t just a “school.” CRICS is like a family. Sure, families have work and they don’t always get along, but families also like to have fun together. CRICS is no exception.
The CRICS school year always begins with the Youth Retreat, a time for middle and high school students to play games and learn about God while bonding with classmates, not to mention racing down a water slide.
Dress up days every month allow students to have fun by going through school in costume. Even though it’s against the rules, some use these days as an excuse to dress casually. But the everyday uniform rule needs a break every once in a while.
Speaking of breaks, during sports seasons, CRICS takes a break from school for Student Council’s pep rallies. The rallies pep everyone up for the tournaments and looking forward to the next sport season. Teachers and students alike cheer as the band plays to celebrate CRICS’s accomplishments.
Even with all these activities, CRICS wouldn’t be the same without its teachers. Just like in families where the older, wiser relatives can still have fun with the youngins, our teachers know just how to encourage their students and often forgo the common student-teacher relationship to develop closer bonds with their pupils.
Whenever the people at CRICS get together to have fun, good times are had all around.” – Gideon, 12th Grade

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