We are thankful for the provision of our campus in beautiful Northern Thailand. Many people from around the world have come together to make this a reality.


Give a Gift to our Future CRICS families.

The CRICS Board is looking forward and considering a significant step for the future families of CRICS!  Last year as properties around CRICS moved into high-speed housing development, the CRICS Board recognized an urgency for more land. While we have not previously been able to afford the large section of land connected to our property, now a smaller section that is both affordable and of adequate size for real future campus growth possibilities has been made available for purchase.  The CRICS Board immediately recognized this land possibility as a gift we might give our future CRICS families.  While CRICS has no immediate plans for the development of this 3 rai of land (over an acre), the housing development in progress all around our school affirms the wisdom of conserving this opportunity for our future CRICS families.  

A gift of 3.5 million baht (or $100,000 U.S.) will allow CRICS to complete the purchase of the land with no challenge to 2021-2022 present operating expenses or emergency savings.  This amount combined with CRICS's present available funds will help us make the complete payment of 8,670,000 baht in 2021.

We welcome any amount of a gift that might help CRICS accomplish our goal of providing for our future CRICS families.

To donate please click here.

If you would like to consider a non-interest 3-5 year loan, please contact Brent Pennington at [email protected].


Thank you for partnering with us!

Brent Pennington
Chiang Rai International Christian School 

Parrish Wessels
Chair of Governing Board
Chiang Rai International Christian School

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