1. PRAY - Pray for our current teachers and for new teachers.
  2. SPREAD THE WORD - Let your friends, churches, supporters, prayer partners, colleges, and mission organizations know about CRICS. Let them know we need quality, Jesus-loving teachers! Specifically ask them to pray for and recruit teachers for CRICS. Share about us in your emails, newsletters, blogs, website, and facebook posts.
  3. SHARE - 
    • Your Story: How has CRICS been meaningful to you and your family? How has CRICS helped your family live as Christian workers in Thailand?
    • Support Resources:  Use the resources here to share God’s story at CRICS
    • Email:  For more information about recruiting teachers  talk to Tanya Stuart: [email protected]

Do you have visitors and teams coming to Chiang Rai? Bring them to visit CRICS! Invite them to spread the word that we need teachers. Talk to Tanya Stuart ([email protected]) if you want her to meet with them and give a tour.

Going to your home country over the summer? Make appointments now to talk with your church, university, campus ministry, small group about the need CRICS has for teachers. What would you tell them? Share your story of how CRICS has helped your family live as Christian workers in Thailand. Invite them to serve at CRICS and to spread the word that CRICS needs teachers! Use these Support Resources to tell about CRICS.

Teacher Requirements: Teachers need to have a bachelor’s degree; teaching certification is preferred. A joyful love of the Lord, teaching, and children!

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