Student Council is an important aspect of life at CRICS. Student-led activities are designed to build school spirit through organized events, create a fun atmosphere on campus, facilitate friendships between students, and encourage Christ-like character in students. Activities include dress up days, dances, pep rallies, movie nights, spirit week, Christmas parties, and more. Student Council highly values student initiative, service, and leadership, as well as building relationships between students, teachers, and parents. Students are invited to make a positive impact on CRICS and our Family Learning Community!

Student Council Letter

Participating in the CRICS Student Council (StuCo) provides students with valuable opportunities to lead peers and community members in exciting activities and to positively influence the culture of the student body. Each year, the student council comes together to organize events such as: game nights, movie nights, dress-up days, dances, and other family-oriented events to enhance our school’s environment. Ideas are presented weekly in Student Council meetings as members work in specific committees for efficient communication and execution. Each member votes as representatives of their class to ensure all voices from the student body are heard and acknowledged.  Through our journey as StuCo President and Vice President we’ve grown in our ability to lead and facilitate detailed events with a diverse group of students. If you’re looking for a place to expand your leadership skills and develop team work, our CRICS student council is the right place for you. Also, if you are wanting to see a positive change on our campus, then please connect with your class representative or another member of StuCo today!


Felipe Neves

- Student Council President 2022-2023 -

Jesse Stuart
- Student Council Vice-President 2022-2023 -

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