Student Council is an important aspect of life at CRICS. Student-led activities are designed to build school spirit through organized events, create a fun atmosphere on campus, facilitate friendships between students, and encourage Christ-like character in students. Activities include dress up days, dances, pep rallies, movie nights, spirit week, CRICS Talent Show, Christmas parties, and more. Student Council highly values student initiative, service, and leadership, as well as building relationships between students, teachers, and parents. Students are invited to make a positive impact on CRICS and our Family Learning Community!

Message from Student Council President Jadon Stuart (2018-2019):
"Being a part of Student Council is a great opportunity for students who wish to grow as an individual and make an impact on the CRICS community. In our weekly meetings, we get to plan school-wide events, create custom CRICS Flames clothing, and propose suggestions to make CRICS a better place for everyone. The leadership and teamwork experience definitely has helped me grow as a student and a person, and I know it will help you too. To all of you hard-working student leaders, come and join us at the CRICS Student Council!"

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