The vision of CRICS is to help others know God and understand Him more fully by serving the body of Christ through providing quality Christian education in Chiang Rai, Thailand.


The mission of CRICS is to serve the servant by providing quality, innovative, affordable, family-oriented English Christian education.


We are a Christian school committed to serving the children of pastors, missionaries, educators, and social welfare workers of non-profit businesses or agencies in the Chiang Rai area. Our school also invites, embraces, and serves other students whose presence provides culture, diversity, and resources that support and enrich our primary mission.

The Chiang Rai International Christian School is a resource to parents and is designed to encourage and assist the parents in fulfilling their responsibility of educating their children. Our school sees each person and family as individually created and endowed with gifts by our Creator. We seek to encourage individual talents and meet individual needs as expressed by our students and families.

Our school desires to be a catalyst for unity and cooperation between families and organizations that serve the Chiang Rai province and surrounding areas. The Chiang Rai International Christian School students set an example by working together in community service and outreach. We seek to bless the Chiang Rai community, Thailand, and the world.

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