CRICS strives to help every student succeed and reach their potential. We come alongside students and their families to support the students academically. The Academic Success Program and the English Language Learners Program are two programs that facilitate this type of growth in our students.

Academic Success Program

The Academic Success Program (ASP) seeks to make learning accessible and optimal for all students at CRICS. Our ASP staff members work to assist staff members in the following ways:

  1. Provide confidential information on student disabilities to educate teachers as to the reasons why a certain student may have particular academic difficulties
  2. Provide strategies to teacher and student to support them in working with the student and teacher
  3. Provide in-class support as a team member together with the teacher,
  4. Provide out of class support with respect to the needs of the student; this is done in consultation with the teacher and the family.
  5. Provide small group support in the classroom for students with disabilities so they may be integrated into the regular teaching group.
  6. Collaborate with the teacher in provision of emotional, academic, and behavioral support for the students'.
  7. Provide psychological testing for students when referred by teachers and administrators and consent is given by parents and guardians.
  8. Developing of IEPs (Individual Education Plans) with parents to determine what is the best way to support their student.
  9. Educating parents as the how they can support their student at home and school.
  10. Providing education and material for parents to use with their student at home
  11. Providing resources for parents regarding the needs of students with disabilities
  12. Praying daily for students with disabilities and their families.
  13. Other assistance may include lending of technology to students such as reading pens and digital thesaurus, monitoring of academic assignments and grades, teaching students study skill strategies to use in the classroom, behavior role-playing to train students for environments that trigger unwanted behaviors, trying to educate and support the student concerning their disability and the ramifications of that with respect to academic work, and many others.

English Language Learner Program

The program for English Language Learners at CRICS currently focuses on these areas:

  1. Testing and monitoring ELL candidates and students
  2. Supporting identified ELL students in academics
  3. Teaching ELL classes to students who need to get to grade level in Language Arts
  4. Offering an Enrichment Camp during the summer
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