The CRICS FLAMES Athletic program is designed to train and equip our student athletes to be leaders not only in the classroom but on the court as well. Focusing not only on their athletic skills and ability, a Flames personal growth and character building is of utmost importance here at CRICS. We want to see them live out their faith with integrity not only in the school context but in the greater community as well.

Our Values:

  • Academic aspirations of students
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Giving, receiving and rewarding maximum effort
  • Fair opportunities regardless of gender
  • Encouraging all students to participate in athletic activities as athletes or spectators
  • Appropriate levels of competition for each developmental stage; K-12
  • The desire to reach personal and team excellence when measured against ones “best self”. 1 Cor. 9:24-27
  • The value of competition inherent in sports
  • Developing and cultivating an atmosphere that student athletes grow in the character of Christ

CRICS teams play different schools and ministries. Secondary teams travel to Chiang Mai for competition with other international schools. Each sport season lasts approximately one academic quarter.

Soccer: Kindergarten-12th Grades
Basketball: 3rd-12th Grades
Volleyball: 7th-12th Grades
Cross Country: 7th-12th Grades

Other athletic activities at CRICS include gymnastics, strength and fitness training, self-defense, and ballroom dancing.

We hope our students are active in the Flames Athletics Program. If you are interested please contact [email protected].

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