Steps To Complete Before Applying

English Level Requirements

A) Other than "foreign language" class studies, the entirety of our curriculum is delivered in the English language, by native English speakers.  If English is not the primary language of your family and/or your student, they will be required to undergo an assessment of their English language fluency.  The assessment process is conducted on our campus, by our “English Language Learner” department.

CRICS uses a standardized assessment tool, which is the "WIDA MODEL."  The current fee, for this assessment, is 1,500 baht per student-candidate, and is payable on, or before the day of the scheduled assessment.

These assessments are typically scheduled during the months of November and December, to be conducted during the month of January.  You will be asked to provide specific contact information and details regarding your student's date of birth, age and other qualifying information.  This information is necessary so that a representative of our ELL Department may contact you directly to schedule the assessment.


B) Prior to being invited to submit a student application, these prerequisites must also be met.

For anyone interested in applying for Kindergarten, first or second grade, a “readiness” assessment must be conducted. A student entering CRICS kindergarten will be assessed on basic colors and shapes, numbers 1-10, and capital and lowercase letters. It is also helpful if a student can write their name and draw a simple picture. These assessments will be conducted on our campus by either the Elementary Principal, or their designee. The fee for this assessment is 300 baht, and is payable on, or before the day of the assessment.

For anyone interested in applying for grades 3 through 12, they will undergo a “three-part” MAP testing process. These assessments are “age” and “grade” specific and are conducted on our campus. The MAP system assesses candidates in the areas of mathematics, reading and Language Arts. The fee for the MAP assessment is 1,000 baht, and is payable on, or before the day of the assessment.

All candidates that achieve our established minimums, on the assessment for the grade level that they would like to join, will be invited to submit an application packet for further consideration.

Please note that the non-refundable “Application Processing Fee” is 1,000 baht and is to be submitted to our accounting department at the time of application submission. Submitted application packets cannot be processed and considered until the processing fee has been received.

Application Process

Please be aware that student applications, including all required supporting documents, must be submitted on, or before March 1st of each year.  For example, if you would like for your student to be considered for the next academic year, their complete application packet must be received on, or before, March 1st, of that calendar year.

Once your student's complete application packet has been received, you will receive a confirmation of such from the Admissions Officer, or his representative.  If necessary, an interview may then be scheduled, if one has not already been conducted, and/or you may be invited to visit and tour our campus.

Also, our education program begins with Kindergarten. In order for a child to be eligible to apply to join CRICS, they must achieve 5 years of age on, or before, August 1st, of the academic year for which they are to be considered.

Application Approval Process

Once the March 1st deadline has passed, all complete application packets will be reviewed by the "Admissions Evaluation Committee."  Each complete application packet will be reviewed and considered based on at least the following criteria:

- Classroom size, as it relates to student count and our ability to add more students to that class
- Academic background of the student candidate
- Family's proposed commitment to CRICS, in number of years anticipated to be spent at our school
- Academic goals of the family for their student and the student's demonstrated ability to achieve said goals

All applicants will be notified of the committee's decision on, or before March 31st of the year for which the family is applying.  Should specific circumstances arise that would prevent CRICS from achieving our March 31st decision commitment, and that are beyond the ability of CRICS to control, the family of the applicant will be notified and informed of the circumstances of the delay.

Should you be unable or unwilling to wait until March 31st for our decision, it is strongly recommended that you make alternative plans to enroll your student, or students, elsewhere for their educational needs.

If you want to know more please contact [email protected]. Also see our faqs.


Non-discrimination Statement
**CRICS maintains a policy of nondiscrimination with staff, student, and family members. No aspect of study, community involvement, or employment with us will be influenced in any manner by sex, race, age, or disability. CRICS carefully preserves its right to select teaching faculty who will affirm the school's Statement of Faith and Lifestyle Statement and who will effectively advance the school's mission.**
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