In 2015, CRICS agreed to charter and sponsor Troop 711, Thailand’s 3rd Boy Scouts of America troop. Since then, our scouts have completed dozens of Merit Badges, almost 10 Scouts have accomplished Eagle rank, and all scouts have had lots of fun through the process. We typically camp 4-5 times per year as well as offer international camp options (Mongolia, Nepal and Thailand) which provides a larger picture of what Scouting can be. 

Scouting is available for both boys and girls ages 11-17, and we meet bi-monthly at the school for our meetings. 

The heart behind Troop 711 is to provide opportunities for Scouts to learn new skills, make memories with their family and friends and be nurtured in their faith. We believe that the partnership of CRICS and the scouts of Boy Scouts of America allows for both boys and, recently, girls to better themselves in a way that honors God. 

For more information please contact: Scoutmaster Jon Justine - [email protected]

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