We inform our applicants of the following basic guidelines:

As a Christian ministry serving Christian workers on the field, we invite only those applicants who are in agreement with our Statement of Faith and Lifestyle of Volunteers and who feel called by Jesus Christ to serve at CRICS.

Our purpose is to provide quality, low cost education to the children of Christian workers in Southeast Asia. To keep our tuition costs as low as possible, our foreign teachers and other foreign staff come as volunteers through sending agencies and raise 100% of their own financial support. Please note: CRICS does not pay salaries or provide any financial compensation to foreign staff. We will send you letters about our ministry to assist you in fundraising.

All applicants must be accepted by a Sending Organization who agrees to their placement at CRICS. This can be a mission agency or a church who is willing to support you (financially, emotionally, or through prayer) and that you will be accountable to them as well. We can suggest some sending organizations for you to consider going through.

Safety is a priority at CRICS. The physical, emotional, and mental health and ability of our students and community members is our priority and these forms of safety for the whole person undergird our Vision, Mission, Philosophy, and Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs). All teachers and volunteers agree to read the Child Protection Handbook and assist CRICS in implementing safeguards for all students and teachers at CRICS. As part of our commitment to child protection all successful applicants will be required to complete a comprehensive police background check.

CRICS has a policy that after 70 years old CRICS is not placing teachers in the classroom as lead teachers. These applicants may be placed in other positions (tutoring, small groups, etc.). The educational leadership team will make a decision year by year with the supervisor's advice on continued postings at the school.

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