Annual Tuition, Fees & Discounts (2024-25)

Prior to enrollment, all families are expected to examine and consider the financial commitment needed for their child to attend CRICS. By proceeding with enrollment, families agree to adhere to the CRICS fee structure and payment schedules.

Annual Tuition

K-12 Tuition: 160,000 THB

  • Tuition rates are consistent across all grade levels, from Kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • Can be paid on  Annual, Semester, or Monthly Payment Plans
  • Attendance during any part of a quarter requires payment for the entire quarter
  • CRICS Tuition is reviewed and approved annually by the CRICS Governing Board.  
  • Families can expect a 2-3% increase in tuition each year to account for inflation. 

New Student Fees

Application Fee: 1,500 THB

  • One-time, Non-Refundable 
  • Due upon submission of the application 
  • Not subject to any discounts

Registration fee: 25,000 THB

  • One-time, Non-refundable
  • Secures the students place for the following academic year.  
  • Due in full within 7 days following issuance of the acceptance letter

Capital fee: 32,000 THB

  • One-time, Non- Refundable 
  • This fee is recalculated annually and is set at 20% of the current year's tuition
  • Helps fund new construction and development at CRICS
  • Paid at the start of the first academic year

Returning Student Fees

Re-Enrollment Deposit: 25,000 THB 

  • Non-Refundable
  • Due by March 1st to reserve the student’s position for next academic year.
  • Applied towards the tuition for the next academic year.
  • Re-enrollment for the next academic year is contingent upon full payment of the current year's tuition and fees.

Development Fee: 32,000 THB 

  • Non-Refundable
  • This fee is recalculated annually and is set at 20% of the current year's tuition
  • Helps fund on-going construction and development at CRICS
  • Due at the start of each academic year

Additional / Optional Fees - Please be aware that fees may differ depending on the student's involvement in various activities. The following list is not comprehensive but offers a summary of the most frequently incurred fees.

Discounts and Financial Aid

Multi-Child Tuition Discount - 10% Off Siblings  - We understand the financial commitment families make to provide their children with a quality education. To support families with multiple children enrolled at our school, we offer a Multi-Child Tuition Discount. 

  • First student’s tuition will be charged at full price 
  • Each additional student’s tuition will receive a 10% discount. 
  • Applies to siblings from the same immediate family enrolled at CRICS. 
  • The Multi-Child Discount cannot be stacked with other discounts

CRICS Servant Member Program - CRICS was founded and exists to "Serve the Servant" by offering affordable education to the families of full-time Christian workers in the Chiang Rai area. The Servant Member Program was designed to facilitate a mutually beneficial partnership between our school and full-time Christian workers with children enrolled at CRICS. This partnership provides the school with capable and like-minded volunteers to fulfill various staffing needs, while providing an added financial benefit for full-time Christian workers.  Following the student’s acceptance into CRICS, families will have the opportunity to apply for this program.  For more information, please email [email protected].

CRICS Financial Aid Program - CRICS can provide temporary assistance in the form of tuition scholarships for returning families who might have experienced unexpected financial hardship. For more information about how to apply please contact the Head of School ([email protected]).

For more information: (English PDF | Thai PDF)

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