Prior to enrollment, families are expected to examine and consider the financial commitment needed for their child to attend CRICS. Acceptance of the financial package indicates acceptance of the payment schedule and fee structure including any fees for ELL or other programs. The application fee is required before an application is reviewed. The registration fee is due for, each child, upon acceptance. The registration fee is due and payable within seven business days of receiving the acceptance letter. This is the only way to secure your student(s) position in the classroom. Both the application and registration fees are non-refundable.

Tuition, which is paid by semester or by year, will need to be paid in full prior to the start of the period. For accounts in good standing, tuition may also be paid over 10 payments, August through May, and is due on the first Friday of each month.

A late fee is automatically assessed for late tuition. If a problem should arise regarding payment, families are expected to contact the school office as soon as possible. Our heart is always to serve your family and child well. Please communicate with the school administration if payment is an issue.

Payment Schedule

The tuition for each family will be paid according to one of the following schedules*:

1. Annual Plan
Annual tuition is due on or before August 18th and is a total of 139,000 THB.

2. Semester Plan
The annual tuition shall be divided into 2 equal payments of 69,500 THB.
First semester tuition is due on or before August 18th.
Second semester tuition is due on or before January 5th.

3. Monthly Plan
The annual tuition shall be divided into 10 equal payments (August through May) and is due on the first Friday of every month. A service fee of 100 baht will be added each month on this plan, for each student tuition.

*Regardless of the tuition payment plan selected, the Re-enrollment deposit (6,000 THB/student) is due on, or before March 1st, of each year, with a Student Re-Enrollment Form to secure your child’s place for the subsequent academic year.

Additional Fees

Registration Fee: 10,000 THB
Capital Fee: 25,500 THB
Development Fee: 25,000 THB
Application Fee: 1,000 THB

*All fees are per student and non-refundable.

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