Personal relationship with Jesus is the heartbeat of CRICS. CRICS aims to have a “Kingdom Culture” where King Jesus is exalted above all. Practically, this means CRICS follows Christ’s lead as we create opportunities for students to develop honorable character and grow in their personal relationship with the Lord. In weekly chapel our entire community, kindergarten through high school as well as teachers and staff, attend a CRICS family worship time. In these chapel times, students lead the worship band, teachers or parents or community members share on a yearly theme, Bible classes make presentations, and hearts are knit together through prayer.

In addition to weekly chapel, CRICS Spiritual Life program fosters spiritual growth in students and teachers through family and community worship nights, mentoring relationships, and weekly prayer meetings. Leaders in our community create space for relational spiritual mentoring, biblical instruction, and personal reflection. Students demonstrate Christ’s love through participating in regular outreach and service projects in our Chiang Rai community. Student-led service projects and events are a critical part of our grade level Bible classes. These Bible classes meet three times a week and provide both academic and emotional support to our students’ spiritual journeys. Every fall semester all secondary students participate in a youth retreat put on by CRICS  with the purpose of growing in the Lord, worshiping and fostering friendships.
CRICS leadership works to empower teachers to better understand the needs of our students. In our efforts to support healthy families, CRICS hosts parent equipping meetings each semester.

We invite students and parents to share and grow in their spiritual life during their time at CRICS. If you want to have a conversation please contact Jack Wafler at [email protected].

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