Be there or be square!

“School dances are the reason why I love CRICS. I have been a student at CRICS since kindergarten and always enjoyed dances. Disco, B-Boy, 80s, CRICS dances have it all. You can express yourself through dancing and you might even impress someone. It’s all about having fun and letting loose. Don’t know a thing about boogie? Just simply move your hips and shuffle. When I was at my first dance, I was nervous. I felt shy and just stood in the corner, but I realized something. I was the weird guy who wasn’t jiving. I strutted down the dance floor and went footloose; the crowd applauded and I fell in love with dancing. If you are a CRICS student reading this, I expect to see you at the next promenade. Be there or be square!” – Tan, 11th Grade Student




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