Building and Enhancing Learning Skills: Senior Project

“For the past 7 years at CRICS, I have been struggling with learning in English. The struggles in learning are real, yet I realized more how important education is. Thus, I desire to use this opportunity to bless the community. My senior project was Building and Enhancing Learning Skills. My goal was to provide new skills to improve the students’ dexterity and concentration skills and for the students to learn new skills and bring them into practice, also be able to provide the school with sanitary items, learning supplies, and snacks for the students. My team and I raised funds and purchased donation supplies for Chiangraipanyanukul School. Sadly, due to the COVID 19 restrictions, my team and I were unable to perform any activities with other students. However, we were able to donate all the supplies we purchased.”–Wee, Grade 12


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