Caring for the Widow: Senior Project

“I contributed to the reconstruction of a widow’s home in a nearby village through fundraising and bringing a team of volunteers to provide some manual labor to the construction process. The widow’s village had been trying to help restore her termite-damaged house for some time but did not have the funds to begin the project. With the help of donors around the world, I was blessed to experience God’s provision for this widow and we were able to cover the entire construction cost. My team and I also spent a day mixing sand, rocks, cement, and water for the concrete mix and poured the cement flooring in the widow’s newly constructed room and outdoor walkway. The goal of my project was to provide an opportunity for communities to join together and live out James 1:27, which the donors, CRICS volunteers, and village neighbors did by serving this lovely widow and giving her a safe home to live in.” Paulina, Grade 12

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