Class of 2018: Sarah Cheon

The thing I am going to miss about Thailand the most is the incredible food and how everything is really cheap. My favorite part about CRICS is how everyone takes care of one another and how it is such a family community. You can go to anyone at anytime and they will give you advice. All of the teachers are so nice and have helped me in many ways. Some of my favorite teachers are Mr. Brent, Mr. Morley, and Mrs. Julie. Mr. Brent and Mrs. Julie pushed me academically while Mr. Morley taught me that teaching is not just about educating the students academically, but a lot about communicating and understanding. Still, it’s so hard to choose a couple teachers that impacted me the most because every single teacher at CRICS loves and cares for all the students. I am so thankful for their hard work to help me grow as a student. Something that I wish I knew earlier on would be how great of a friend Pai is, so that we could have been friends earlier. My advice I would wish to give to my fellow CRICS students is don’t be afraid to try to do something hard. If you set your mind to it, you can do anything. And before you complain, try it and come up with a better solution. Complaining makes the situation worse. In the next year, I plan on supporting myself and others independently. While I don’t really have a goal yet, I would like to have one soon so that I would know which major to choose and activities to do. Please keep me in your prayers, so I could have a vision of what I want to do next.

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