Dress-Up Days at CRICS

“Favorite CRICS memories always take place on dress-up days. Individual personality never fails to shine through during these rare occasions to wear costumes to school. Thinking back to Dr. Seuss day and Valentine’s day, fills my soul with warmth and joy. A couple of my friends and I purchased Thing One, Thing Two, and Thing Three shirts printed. We wore our matching flame socks and showed up to school on Valentine’s day looking fresh. By the time Dr. Seuss day rolled around, there was no question as to what we must do. We threw on our Thing One, Thing Two, and Thing Three shirts  and added a few more friends to the mix. Once again, we stole the show. Dress-up days at CRICS remain my favorite days of the year as the opportunity to get together, plan an outfit, and have fun embracing each others personalities brings a smile to everyone’s face. Dr. Seuss day and Valentine’s day bring friend groups closer and allows the entire community a chance to come together stronger than ever before.” – Jane, 12th Grade Student

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