Go For Your Goals

“Who can describe the joy of putting the soccer ball into the back of the net? Anyone who plays sports understands this feeling of scoring and winning.
CRICS held its first ever 7-a side soccer tournament on the last weekend of October, the 26th and 27th. The tournament was a success for the girl’s team, because they were able to bring home the first place trophy. However, that was not the case for the boys team.
Day one of the tournament, we tied 1-1 with Domrong in the first game, then lost 2-0 to Akha Light in the second game. Day two of the tournament was much better. Our only game was against CRIS.
In this game I scored two goals. The first one, I maneuvered myself in between and around the defenders, then with my left foot, I smacked the ball straight in to the back of the net. The second goal I scored was due to a misunderstanding between the CRIS players. They did not communicate well and did not pass the ball accurately. As a result, I stole the ball, dribbled it passed the goal keeper and scored. The final score was 9-1.
I will never forget the joy and happiness I experienced with my team. Although scoring and winning is exhilarating and intense, set a goal, aim high, and go after it.” – Foon, 11th Grade

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