JV Team Rises Up

“Tied 18-18 in a varsity versus junior varsity basketball match to 21, the pressure was on. Most were surprised the varsity had not already blown the JV out of the water. The varsity checked the ball with the JV point guard.. Automatically, the JV team pressures the varsity, here was the chance to prove ourselves. A pass to the wing, my side of the court, I broke down into a defensive stance. As the guard attempted to dribble around I would not give up. Reaching to the left I forced him right. Then a fake and I speared the ball from his possession. Sprinting to save the ball from out of bounds, I reached for it just in time. While the tired varsity played lazy defense, I drove and then made a no-look pass out to my team-mate. He pulled up and shoots a three! The JV won! The proud moment of any basketball team’s “career” is beating the odds and proving doubters wrong. People watching doubted we could win, but the community and parents watching, cheered for us. Our community loves when the underdog wins. Shocked at what just happened, the fans stood clapping but dazed. The coaches, proud of our performance congratulated us. After this scrimmage, many from the CRICS community joined together to play more basketball, no grudges from the defeated varsity team. The strength of love throughout the whole CRICS community, this is something I have never seen anywhere else.” – Liam, 11th grader

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