Model United Nations

The Chiang Mai Model United Nations Conference was very interesting. It was in Chiang Mai, at the school PREM. There were eight students and three teachers from our school that went, and at the conference there were about ninety students in total. It was my first time attending the conference and it went differently than what i expected. I expected it to be very serious and boring, but instead, it was exciting and inspiring. Watching everyone speak about how they would change things really reminds you of how these things are an issue now and are dangerous if not resolved. Many students were passionate about their subjects and yet were still able to keep an open mind on other people’s thoughts. There were many committee groups. A couple were serious issues and one was fictional, the Marvel group. There were topics such as climate change, violence of all kinds, and other human rights issues. Each person or pair represented a country in where you must decide how your country would deal with the situation.

The group of students from CRICS that went to the conference showed great care for each of their subjects and great social skills. I really appreciated seeing the people in the Marvel committee. I was very pleased to see one of the CRICS students, who has always been terrified of talking in front of others, do such a wonderful job of talking to everyone in her committee about her topic and was a big help with creating a solution for it also. I also got to observe another CRICS student discuss their topic with passion and connect with students from other schools. Everyone did an amazing job at engaging with others and truly caring about their subjects. I’ve asked two of my friends to share their point of views from the conference:

“It was very fun. There were many new students who participated. Many of whom I’ve become close friends with. MUN is a great way to connect with global issues and share your ideas with others like you.” -anonymous

“This years MUN conference at PREM was very different from other years. I was in the Marvel committee. I think it’s nice to have a different topic where other geeks could join and be passionate. It was a lot more laid back and you could feel a lot more comfortable. There was also less stress because in other committees its very serious and everyone is also very serious. Although, I’m not saying the Marvel committee wasn’t professional, i just think its nice to bring a different approach to the conference.” -anonymous

The Model United Nations Conference truly is an amazing experience. It’s a great opportunity to come together to discuss serious matters. It’s a chance to have a voice and maybe even make a difference in the world.


Story by: Emily, 9th grade student

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