Most Remarkable Moment

“As a junior at CRICS, one of the most remarkable moments of the year was the CRICS Youth Retreat. With the theme of “Invited”, the retreat offered a break from school and homework, giving students time to bond with each other and God. Filled with sounds of laughter and splashes from the water slides, the retreat provided enjoyment and relaxation. The sermons and worship warmed our hearts, but the final worship session on Thursday night made me realize a deep desire for emotional worship nights in which I could be vulnerable with God, teachers and friends. The Youth Retreat also provided opportunities to plant new seeds of friendships while strengthening friendships I already had. Treasuring these memories, I will always be grateful for the people who were there for me that night and were willing to discuss life. I was truly touched by their caring actions and am excited to see these new friendships continuing to grow each day at school. Our Youth Retreat made me realize how much I loved the CRICS community and appreciate being a student at CRICS sharing  precious memories with people I love.” – Annika, 11th grade

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