The Perfect Summer Job

“During summer teenagers usually like to sit around and do absolutely nothing. But that is not how I chose to spend my summer.  As a student at CRICS, a teacher requested that I help with the summer enrichment camp program this year. Enrichment camp benefits kids by inviting them to discover new things, and for older students to have some kind of summer job. I assisted the second and third grade teacher. The camp lasted for three weeks, starting at 8:30am and ending at 12:00pm. A different topic gets introduced each year; this year’s topic was Space. Students worship in the morning and then go to class where they learn about space. Later, they are introduced to art projects where they can color or make space crafts. Music and drama class would pretty much carry on until the end of that morning. At the end of three weeks, the camp ends  with an excellent musical show. The show was about a rocket sent to space to spread the word of God. During the show I was moved at how awesome the kids preformed, even after watching them practice everyday; their effort shined through. Camp was an amazing experience, not only because I love being with kids but I also had the opportunity to learn while helping children learn.” – Ariela, 11th Grade

“The CRICS Summer Enrichment Camp provided lessons in music, art, reading, writing and games. I highly recommend this for students who are free during summer and want to use their time wisely. I was one of the student teachers at the camp. I have to say that it was a wonderful experience for my life. I got to teach amazing children, which is always my dream job. This camp allowed me to have more responsibilities.” – Daa, 11th grade

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