Afraid To Go To A New School?

Have you ever been concerned about having to go to a new school? Experience new things? Meeting new people? It may terrify you a little bit. Before I came to CRICS I felt this way too! But CRICS has changed how I think about having to go to a new school and getting to know new people. When I first came to CRICS, I was so worried and nervous to make friends with people I never knew before. This was a new place and so unfamiliar to me. But when the first day come, it was an awesome day actually. One new friend came directly to me to talk to me and make me feel really good. 

Soon after the first day the youth retreat took everyone to a resort to worship, pray, and have fun with friends. This was the best way to begin a school year. Going to the youth retreat helped me make more friends and get to know more people. I engaged with not only friends but also with teachers.

I always think quite negatively:  “oh, new school, new people, no friends, what am I supposed to do?”. But after meeting people at CRICS, they completely changed my mindset!” – Mink, 11th Grade

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