Proud to be Part of this Team

The day I joined CRICS, I joined CRICS girls’ soccer. Each year, the JV/Varsity soccer team competes in a tournament in Chiang Mai. Some year’s results were disappointing, some were fine, but most importantly, we had fun! The results each year were getting better and better. This year as tradition dictates, we traveled to Chiang Mai for the tournament. We all thought we would be in the top 3. But the outcome was unexpected, we lost everything. That time was an emotional time for all of us. Surprisingly, after the tournament in Chiang Mai, the school announced another tournament to be held at our school.This would be the first for our school. Hosting a soccer tournament brought excitement and hope for a better result. On the first day of the tournament, we won both games and qualified shockingly for the finals. But then on the second day many unbelievable things happened. I was in awe watching my teammate score 5 goals in one game. The final was stressful for me. One of our teammates was missing so I was subbing in her place. The result was a tie, so we proceeded with penalty kicks. Our team was able to shoot in every goal. That made us the winner. Unbelievable! CRICS girls received their first ever trophy. I’m honored and proud to be a part of this team. The girls soccer team and this special tournament are some of the best memories I have at CRICS.” – Ing-Ing, 11th grade student

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