School Can Be Fun!

Let’s face it, not many people like school. Okay, I’m sure there’s that one kid who’s like, “I love school. School is my life.” But other than that, most people would disagree. Keep that in mind as I take you to CRICS.
Students of CRICS would agree that homework or sitting in classes all day isn’t how they might choose to spend their time. They would argue, however, that their school isn’t just a “school.” CRICS is like a family. Sure, families have work and they don’t always get along, but families also like to have fun together. CRICS is no exception.
The CRICS school year always begins with the Youth Retreat, a time for middle and high school students to play games and learn about God while bonding with classmates, not to mention racing down a water slide.
Dress up days every month allow students to have fun by going through school in costume. Even though it’s against the rules, some use these days as an excuse to dress casually. But the everyday uniform rule needs a break every once in a while.
Speaking of breaks, during sports seasons, CRICS takes a break from school for Student Council’s pep rallies. The rallies pep everyone up for the tournaments and looking forward to the next sport season. Teachers and students alike cheer as the band plays to celebrate CRICS’s accomplishments.
Even with all these activities, CRICS wouldn’t be the same without its teachers. Just like in families where the older, wiser relatives can still have fun with the youngins, our teachers know just how to encourage their students and often forgo the common student-teacher relationship to develop closer bonds with their pupils.
Whenever the people at CRICS get together to have fun, good times are had all around.” – Gideon, 12th Grade

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