Appreciating Nature: Senior Project

“I went to Baan Jambon School which is around 40 minutes drive from CRICS to plant mango trees and make a small garden. Having trees and a small garden can help the students appreciate the nature around them. Growing mango trees also benefited the school by providing shade and also fruits for teachers and students. This project impacted me because nature is a great thing that we all need around us, and by providing this for the school, it made me feel joyful.” — Ing-Ing, Gr 12

Brighten Up the School: Senior Project

“For my senior project, I went down to JamBom school primary school to brighten up the school’s environment. When visiting the school for the first time, one of the main things that I noticed while entering the school grounds was the dullness of the main entrance. My goal for this project was to brighten up the school’s environment by repainting the long main entrance wall. This project was important to me because a student’s learning and playing environment does truly affect how a student views school, whether it be consciously or subconsciously.” — Jenny, Gr 12

Charee’ty Run: Senior Project

“For my senior project, I held a Charee’ty (Charity) Run at Chiang Rai International Christian School. Since I enjoy running and exercising, I landed on this idea because I wished to combine a joy of mine with an event that would benefit other people. I originally planned on donating the money to the Chiang Rai Prachanukroh Hospital in order to help fund the purchase of medical supplies. However, recently in March there was an outbreak of the coronavirus and hospitals were in need of significant support in order to defeat the global pandemic. Under these circumstances, I decided to contribute to the coronavirus relief funds for the hospital instead.”  — Mink, Gr. 12

Painting a preschool in a Lahu village: Senior Project

“For my senior project, I repainted a small preschool in a Lahu village. My project assisted the preschool teacher by repairing the preschool building. I had ten 8th grade volunteers along with a couple of adult volunteers helping me with first painting the entire preschool with a base coat then with a top coat. The goal of my project was to improve the learning environment of the preschoolers in the village. This project was important to me because I value education and personally it is very important to me to have a good learning environment in order for me to focus and learn well.” — Annika, Gr 12

Giving to the Children: Senior Project

“My volunteers and I went to Overbrook Hospital to hand out gifts that we bought, made, baked, and also to pray with the patients. We gave these gifts, and prayer to the children in the children’s ward to encourage them to get better. This project was important to me because I have a heart for kids. Giving these gifts to the kids and seeing their little faces light up brought joy to me, and fulfilled my project vision.” — Madalynne, Gr 12

Serving the Widow: Senior Project

“For my senior project I raised the money as well worked with a local church to build a new home for a local widow. 1 Timothy clearly tells us “Take care of widows who are destitute.” We mixed and poured concrete for the floor. We built her new walls of metal framework and concrete boarding slats, along with a window on one wall and metal roofing was used to cover the whole home. Along with the bedroom, we built a room off the main area for her to use as a bathroom as well as a small kitchen, finishing the project by tiling the floor and painting the walls the color of her choice.” –Liam, Gr 12

Turning a Bus into a Library: Senior Project

“I wanted to do something unique that would challenge me for my senior project, so I contacted a local preschool that required some construction work. The school had an old bus that was rusting away and they wanted me to turn it into a library. At first, I was overwhelmed, but I trusted in my skills and I had help from friends and mentors. In the end, the library bus turned out better than I expected and I was satisfied with the result.” –Tan, 12th grade

Valedictorian Address 2020

“All of the people I mention are a living indication that Jesus’s life was real. God with us in every moment, that’s true. That’s the real deal.”
“Let’s take the skills that we have now and change the world for the better.”

End of Year Giving Opportunity

As many CRICS alumni return to join family in Thailand, traveling from afar like those wisemen, CRICS teachers have a glimpse of how important a quality holistic education is to our Chiang Rai community.  We have alumni as film producers and alumni as software engineers. CRICS students change the world as church leaders, journalists and interior decorators. Graduates love and serve people groups in Burma, Thailand and countries around the world.  Holistic education at CRICS means diligence in the classroom so that every part of society and every part of the world might eventually experience the love of Christ, a love we find in CRICS teachers.

In 2020, CRICS continues in our effort for this holistic education.  The final component of our campus plan will address physical health and education of CRICS kids.  We hope to break ground in January 2020 for a gymnasium that will teach kindergartners to skip rope and 12th graders to be skilled and generous competitors.  Thanks to the Lord’s kindness in finances, CRICS moves forward in this project with provision. CRICS development efforts raised 2 million baht (almost 70,000 U.S. dollars) towards this project already and we are engaged in efforts to find the additional 8 million baht (275,000 U.S. dollars) needed for completion.  As 2019 comes to an end, please think about helping CRICS push to the finish line of developing our campus! Consider CRICS in your end of year giving by sharing a gift that helps CRICS complete the gymnasium in 2020. Contact for giving options.

Peace of Christ,
Brent Pennington

View the PDF version of this letter here.

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