Painting the walls of the school: Senior Project

“In the Thai village where I used to live there was a kindergarten school which needed help to paint their walls. When my dad told me, I was very excited. So we got everything ready and bought the paint.  We left after school and spent the night at the house in the village. Early the next morning we went to the village to paint. We painted all of it in only 5 hours. The walls looked beautiful and the principal of the school was so happy.” –  Lukas, CRICS Senior

See you at the Sala!

We will be praying for CRICS teachers April 1-5.
Our friends from all over the world are invited to pray with us using this prayer guide.

See you at the Sala!
Gather at the playground sala from 7:44am-7:51am and we’ll pray together.

“Our help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”



Cooking Korean Food: Senior Project

“Fifty two university students, my mom (Mrs. Soon Ok Lee), and I taught Thais how to cook Korean food on February 23-24 at the Chiang Rai All Nations Church. We taught 90 people how to make kimchi on Feb 23rd. The following day we then taught 198 people how to make tokbokki which is a Korean traditional rice cake.  Some of those who learned how to cook were owners of restaurants and others were children and adults who want to learn how to cook Korean food.” – Paul, CRICS Senior

Serving through Art at a Thai School: Senior Project

“My senior project was to go to a Thai school, Ban Rong Pla Khao School. I did some art activities with the students from that school and we did wall-painting on the walls. I divided 30 volunteers from our school into two groups, one was for the art activity and the other one for wall painting. For the art activity, the students painted “Sunflowers” by Vincent van Gogh with pointillism. Then volunteers led the students to the wall and helped the students stamp their hands on the wall and make a heart shape with it. Another group of volunteers painted cute characters in the classroom for kindergarten and painted the flags of ASEAN countries on the walls outside of the school. It was great to help the school with the talent we had.” Heewon, CRICS Senior

Science Outreach: Tornadoes

The Science Outreach class of 13 students took a demonstration about tornadoes to the Baan Krua Krac Elementary School.  Thailand is approaching the thunderstorm season in April and May where tornadoes are possible.  Using a ‘tornado tube’ between two soda bottles, a tornado can be simulated.  Most of the students were rather intrigued with the swirling water.

Serving The Little Farm Thailand: Senior Project

“For my project I took the middle school classes, plus some awesome high schoolers, to a farm ministry called The Little Farm Thailand.  This ministry grows produce and livestock to interact with and teach other farmers about sustainable and healthy living. To help out, we had a few groups, one shucking corn, one digging a moat around a field, and one weeding a vegetable garden. To make sure everyone got a bit of each part, we switched the groups up a few times. Afterwards we walked down to a dam and had lunch while watching the middle schoolers slide down it. I’m so glad I was able to help this ministry and that God was able to work through me.”  Sarah, CRICS Senior



Building a Water Reservoir: Senior Project

“I brought a team of volunteers up to Huay Kaew village to build a water reservoir and clean out a reservoir that had collected dirt overtime. This newly built reservoir provides over 20 families with fresh water supply all year round along with clean running tap water. Then in the afternoon we met with the village chief’s assistant and donated gifts and clothes to distribute among the villagers.” Joshua, CRICS Senior




Sharing the love of Christmas: Senior Project

“The week leading up to Christmas, 12 high-school students willingly gave up their Saturday to bring a little bit of holiday cheer into the government hospital. My volunteers and I took a Christmas skit and gift bags to the children’s terminal ward. Getting to be the reason that a child smiled that day, received a present that year, and had a chance to understand the real reason we celebrate Christmas made all of the planning and preparing worth it. ” Jane, CRICS Senior





Science Outreach

The Science Outreach class of 7 students went to Baan Krua Krac Elementary School to do a demonstration on density.  This demonstration is part of the ongoing scienceoutreach to teach basic science principles to 6th graders at the school.  We go about twice a month to teach various kinds of science, from slime to ice cream.  In the future we will be doing projects with slinkys and the motion of waves.


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