Be there or be square!

“School dances are the reason why I love CRICS. I have been a student at CRICS since kindergarten and always enjoyed dances. Disco, B-Boy, 80s, CRICS dances have it all. You can express yourself through dancing and you might even impress someone. It’s all about having fun and letting loose. Don’t know a thing about boogie? Just simply move your hips and shuffle. When I was at my first dance, I was nervous. I felt shy and just stood in the corner, but I realized something. I was the weird guy who wasn’t jiving. I strutted down the dance floor and went footloose; the crowd applauded and I fell in love with dancing. If you are a CRICS student reading this, I expect to see you at the next promenade. Be there or be square!” – Tan, 11th Grade Student




Most Remarkable Moment

“As a junior at CRICS, one of the most remarkable moments of the year was the CRICS Youth Retreat. With the theme of “Invited”, the retreat offered a break from school and homework, giving students time to bond with each other and God. Filled with sounds of laughter and splashes from the water slides, the retreat provided enjoyment and relaxation. The sermons and worship warmed our hearts, but the final worship session on Thursday night made me realize a deep desire for emotional worship nights in which I could be vulnerable with God, teachers and friends. The Youth Retreat also provided opportunities to plant new seeds of friendships while strengthening friendships I already had. Treasuring these memories, I will always be grateful for the people who were there for me that night and were willing to discuss life. I was truly touched by their caring actions and am excited to see these new friendships continuing to grow each day at school. Our Youth Retreat made me realize how much I loved the CRICS community and appreciate being a student at CRICS sharing  precious memories with people I love.” – Annika, 11th grade

The Perfect Summer Job

“During summer teenagers usually like to sit around and do absolutely nothing. But that is not how I chose to spend my summer.  As a student at CRICS, a teacher requested that I help with the summer enrichment camp program this year. Enrichment camp benefits kids by inviting them to discover new things, and for older students to have some kind of summer job. I assisted the second and third grade teacher. The camp lasted for three weeks, starting at 8:30am and ending at 12:00pm. A different topic gets introduced each year; this year’s topic was Space. Students worship in the morning and then go to class where they learn about space. Later, they are introduced to art projects where they can color or make space crafts. Music and drama class would pretty much carry on until the end of that morning. At the end of three weeks, the camp ends  with an excellent musical show. The show was about a rocket sent to space to spread the word of God. During the show I was moved at how awesome the kids preformed, even after watching them practice everyday; their effort shined through. Camp was an amazing experience, not only because I love being with kids but I also had the opportunity to learn while helping children learn.” – Ariela, 11th Grade

“The CRICS Summer Enrichment Camp provided lessons in music, art, reading, writing and games. I highly recommend this for students who are free during summer and want to use their time wisely. I was one of the student teachers at the camp. I have to say that it was a wonderful experience for my life. I got to teach amazing children, which is always my dream job. This camp allowed me to have more responsibilities.” – Daa, 11th grade

Playing basketball and sharing Jesus: Senior Project

“My senior project was basically playing basketball with the Sansai church members. Also, I wanted to talk about God when they came down to our school. My goal in my senior project was to play basketball and have fun with my volunteers and Sansai church members, and also to talk about God in front of Sansai church members. Most of the Sansai guys did not know anything about Jesus. It was a great opportunity to improve on my leadership skills and to talk about God in front of numerous amount of people.” – John, CRICS Senior

Improving a Road: Senior Project

“My project is about serving and helping people in need. Since there is a problem with the road, I decided to help a village to improve their road, so that their transportation system would be safer. We fixed the road by digging ditches to prevent erosion for 3 hours. Then we had lunch and rest for 2 hours. Then we worked around another 2 hours removing bamboo blocking the road. Everything worked out pretty well.” – Shan, CRICS Senior

Painting the walls of the school: Senior Project

“In the Thai village where I used to live there was a kindergarten school which needed help to paint their walls. When my dad told me, I was very excited. So we got everything ready and bought the paint.  We left after school and spent the night at the house in the village. Early the next morning we went to the village to paint. We painted all of it in only 5 hours. The walls looked beautiful and the principal of the school was so happy.” –  Lukas, CRICS Senior

See you at the Sala!

We will be praying for CRICS teachers April 1-5.
Our friends from all over the world are invited to pray with us using this prayer guide.

See you at the Sala!
Gather at the playground sala from 7:44am-7:51am and we’ll pray together.

“Our help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”



Cooking Korean Food: Senior Project

“Fifty two university students, my mom (Mrs. Soon Ok Lee), and I taught Thais how to cook Korean food on February 23-24 at the Chiang Rai All Nations Church. We taught 90 people how to make kimchi on Feb 23rd. The following day we then taught 198 people how to make tokbokki which is a Korean traditional rice cake.  Some of those who learned how to cook were owners of restaurants and others were children and adults who want to learn how to cook Korean food.” – Paul, CRICS Senior

Serving through Art at a Thai School: Senior Project

“My senior project was to go to a Thai school, Ban Rong Pla Khao School. I did some art activities with the students from that school and we did wall-painting on the walls. I divided 30 volunteers from our school into two groups, one was for the art activity and the other one for wall painting. For the art activity, the students painted “Sunflowers” by Vincent van Gogh with pointillism. Then volunteers led the students to the wall and helped the students stamp their hands on the wall and make a heart shape with it. Another group of volunteers painted cute characters in the classroom for kindergarten and painted the flags of ASEAN countries on the walls outside of the school. It was great to help the school with the talent we had.” Heewon, CRICS Senior

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