Sharing Joy and Books: Senior Project

“I wanted to do something that brought people joy for my Senior Project, so I partnered with the ministry of a CRICS family to impact the pediatric ward of a local hospital. I had four student volunteers and five adult volunteers. Before showing up to the hospital, I organized a book drive where we collected more than 250 books for the children to read long after the project had concluded. I also built and painted a bookshelf for the nurses in the pediatric ward to have a place to keep the books. We arrived at the hospital on March 18, ready to read to the kids and color with them as well. The sick children really enjoyed our visit and the coloring books that they got to keep. After spending a few hours with the kids we said goodbye to the very pleased nurses. However, this was not the final visit; part of my project was establishing a relationship with the hospital so the local ministry can return frequently with more books and activities for the children.” – Gideon, CRICS Senior

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